December 15, 2020

Floral Theme

You can catch up on my last few blogs about color scheme here. Today I wanted to focus on choosing a mood for your event. I believe the floral theme is one of the most important factors, but the mood can be influenced by so many things.


What do you think about when you think about your wedding? Is it big, white and classic? Dark and moody? Bright and boho? These are all things that I would call the “mood” of your wedding. These can be influenced by everything from table linens to the lighting your photographer uses. At the end of the post you’ll find a word bank filled with even more theme ideas! These are great words to bring to your florist and other vendors. Having the tools to talk about your big day can also help give your vendors a clear idea of what you want!


Common Themes

Below, I have highlighted some of the most common themes we see, as well as some aspects (outside of flowers!) you can incorporate to achieve these themes. 



Romantic is one of the top ways couples describe their wedding day, and for good reason! Weddings are all about romance! This type of floral theme can often be achieved through light, airy colors and very soft and loose flowers. Blushes, creams and whites are typically very common in these weddings. Usually people’s minds jump right to roses when they think romance, and for good reason! A romantic theme could also incorporate the classic tiered, white cake surrounded by big, beautiful flowers.

Romantic theme cake

Romantic cake featuring big florals


Elegant tends to also be a word frequently used to describe weddings, providing a very timeless feel. Typically, people will think of the classic black and white when thinking specifically about elegant floral themes. However this is one where there is a lot of flexibility. Elegant can range from all white to deep purple and can use any number of flowers from peonies to dahlias to orchids. A great place to really elevate this theme is in your table settings. Crystal stemware immediately adds elegance to any table! 

Elegant Floral Theme

Elegant white bridal bouquet


Moody weddings are ones we tend to think of taking place in the colder months and frequently indoors. These are the weddings we usually think of using dark colors and lush textures, like velvet and wine colors. Calla lilies, dried flowers and dark grasses are used frequently to achieve floral theme. Like I already mentioned, texture is also really important and an easy way to drive your theme. Think velvet ties, bridesmaid’s dresses or even tablecloths. 

Moody floral theme

Dark, moody bridal bouquet


Boho weddings are having a moment right now! These weddings typically include lots of texture and a very earth toned color palette. Think burnt oranges, rusty reds and golden yellows. This type of floral theme is also where we will see couples using dried grasses in place of traditional greenery. Wildflowers such as daisies, sunflowers and thistle are common. Another common aspect of this theme is found in the accent linens such as vintage rugs lining the aisle or mismatched cloth napkins on the tables.

Boho Floral Theme

Boho wedding featuring neutral florals and wicker accents


Something we hear from our Colorado brides a lot, is that they are going for more of an outdoorsy or woodsy feel. These brides tend to lean more toward natural greens and whites and use more loose, casual florals, and more wildflowers or simpler arrangements. Ferns, berries, pinecones and garden roses are great for this. One of the fun parts about doing a more casual or woodsy outdoor weddings, is you have so much flexibility with food. You could bring in a food truck, have pizza or barbecue or even s’mores over a bonfire without reducing the mood at all.

Casual Wedding

Outdoor, woodsy wedding featuring a cocktail van

Don’t be afraid to mix and match though! For example if you want a really elegant wedding, but don’t want to use only black and white or dark colors think about incorporating more colors, but using more luxurious flowers like peonies. Or think about subverting the norm and having a deep, dark moody wedding in May, using local flowers! Your best resource for this is going to be your florist! They can offer advice and figure out how best to make your theme come alive, after all your wedding should look and feel perfect! 

Word Bank

Floral Mood Word Bank




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