May 6, 2021

Preferred Partners

When you’re working with Painted Primrose, I want you to have the most beautiful and seamless experience possible! Because of this, I have curated a list of preferred partners that I have worked with in the past. Vendors that are familiar with each other and each others’ work can make your day run like a well-oiled, beautiful machine! Additionally, all your vendors come together to make the mood of your day! I really value having a cohesive look, mood and team (read more about mood here) and I believe all of these vendors can help create your perfect Painted Primrose day.

Preferred Partners: Photography

For a lot of people, photography is one of the most important parts of their wedding day! And for good reason, those photos will last forever and will be the things you look back on long after your day! From my end, I believe photography is one of the more defining aspects of your day. Photography can (and will) change the look of your flowers and your lighting, all of which affects the mood of your day. I want your flowers to look as good in photos as they do in person and choosing the right photographer can be really important to that!

ML Photo and Film

ML Photo and Film is a sister duo based out of Denver and Austin, but they have been known to travel all over the place for weddings! They can also be a one-stop shop if you prefer! They do both photography and videography. The sisters love to capture the sweet, quiet, in-between moments and the loud, laughter-filled big moments of your day. They focus on using natural light to create bright, airy and beautiful photos.

Kelly and Jan

ML Photo and Film- Kelly & Jan

Libbie Holmes

Libbie really brings a classic, effortless and timeless approach to her weddings! She focuses on using, light, bright and true to life colors! By not focusing on trends, Libbie really makes sure your photos will look timeless and great for years to come. She takes a fun and relaxed, yet professional approach to wedding photography. No stiff awkward poses, just you and your partner happy, in love and enjoying your day- captured in images forever!

Libbie Holmes

Libbie Holmes- Travis and Lindsey

Josie V Photography

If you are bright, fun and vibrant Josie is your girl! She focuses on creating artistic portraits for the non-traditional couple. Breaking tradition and creating your own celebration is really her jam! She focuses on inclusivity, freedom, purpose and authenticity- both in her life and in her photography (which I think is pretty great!) Her style is bright and more colorful: just like her couples!

Preferred Partners-Josie V

Josie V- Disco Styled Shoot

Caitlin Hamilton Photography

With a super cool, classic style, Caitlin Hamilton is a photographer for everyone! She uses a very clean palette, and believes in your unique day and your unique vibe! Capturing you and your love is so important to her. She also focuses on capturing the light, true to life colors of your day!

Preferred Vendor- Caitlin Hamilton

Preferred Partners- Videography

Many photographers offer photography and videography packages. However, many don’t! If yours doesn’t, finding the right videographer who matches the style of your photography can be difficult! I believe these videographers match the Painted Primrose style! Check out their websites for previews of their work.

Aflatis Films

If you are looking for a filmmaker who knows how to tell a story, Aflatis is your team! They are artists who pride themselves on telling your story by using a cinematic approach that will set your wedding video apart. They craft each one of their wedding videos with creativity, inspiration, and timeless storytelling.

Vow of The Wild

Lisa and Alex focus on smaller, intimate elopements. They want your wedding adventure to be exactly what you want to make it, and nothing less. Maybe you want to go white water rafting with your family on Wednesday and then get married at a cliffside overlook on Thursday. Or perhaps you’d prefer to explore a cute little mountain town, and then hike to a remote mountaintop vista just the two of you. They’re down for all of it! Lisa and Alex also do both photography and videography for your day.

Roots and Wings Productions

Storytelling is truly the foundation of Roots and Wings. Kailina believes roots represent stability and strength and they allow us to be able to stand strong during any storm life brings. And wings allow us to have creativity, appreciation, laughter, and freedom. She strives to capture all of those emotions and feelings in her films. Kailina wants to strengthen marriages through out the years by taking couples back to every emotion that filled their day and giving them an heirloom to leave for the generations that will follow.

Preferred Partners: Bakeries

I love working with bakeries to incorporate flowers onto your cake! There is seriously nothing more romantic or memorable than a cake all covered in flowers. Especially if it tastes good!

Kelly Leigh Cakes

Based out of Longmont (like us!) Kelly Leigh is a cake studio specializing in buttercream and fondant wedding cakes and other petite desserts for your special occasion. Her custom cake designs range from traditional tiers to one-of-a-kind creations. She helps make your celebration unforgettable by providing excellent custom service, open communication and quality products (and absolutely GORGEOUS cakes!)

Kelly Leigh Cakes

Kelly Leigh Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes

For simpler couples, Nothing Bundt Cakes makes the process super easy! You can choose from up to ten delicious Bundt flavors made from the finest ingredients and crowned with signature cream cheese frosting. They can customize for any occasion, including weddings!

Button Rock Bakery

Button Rock Bakery specializes in being flexible! They know wedding cakes can come in so many varieties, shapes, flavors, and sizes. Just like your wedding! Their wedding cake consultants will listen to your request for your special day and execute the perfect wedding cake, groom cake, or a variety of desserts table as unique as you are.

Preferred Partners: Flower Preservation

Wedding flowers can be a huge expense, and one you want to cherish for a long time! There are so many different options for floral preservation, both in the Denver area and outside of it! In your own home, you can choose to press your flowers, or hang them to dry. Or you can search Etsy for that perfect keepsake, or if you’re local, you can consult a local professional! There are options for everything from dried flowers, flowers cast in epoxy to watercolor recreations of your bouquet.

Wild Blossom Studio

Wild Blossom is based out of Fort Collins, and they are also a florist, but they also offer floral preservation! After your day is over, and the people have gone, the memory can still last forever. At Wild Blossoms Studio, Elycia makes that memory tangible by turning pressed flowers into a one-of-a-kind art piece that complements your style. Alternatively, most arrangements can be worked into a beautiful dried wreath.

Preferred partner

Wild Blossoms Dried Flowers

Preferred Partners: Other

If you are looking for more of our favorite vendors, check out our website! I have a more extensive list there, including planners, calligraphers, and caterers. This blog is to highlight partners that contribute to your floral mood, and the look of your day. Caterers, planners and calligraphers are just as important, but work in a different part of your day than us!


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