May 13, 2021

Rock and Roll Styled Shoot

I am super super pumped to have been included in this AMAZING rock and roll styled shoot! The vibes on this day were seriously too cool. When Stori reached out to me with the idea, I absolutely jumped at the chance. The idea for the shoot was dark, moody, glamorous and of course, a little rock and roll. How could I say no to that? The color scheme was all dark leather, black, white and pops of gold with made for a super cool and eye catching day. The striking color scheme also allowed me to play around with bold white and dark flowers. I also got to incorporate a really cool texture through an awesome cement vase.

Rock and Roll Styled Shoot Vase

Cement Vase

I had a really hard time choosing what the coolest part of the day was. The models, who were absolutely stunning, the cake which was to die for, the backdrop or the bar cart! There were just so many awesome elements.

The models rocked a dark aesthetic. I made them one loose, beautiful bouquet, and a super cool tie. (If anyone wants to let me make more ties- I am totally on board). They also had a super awesome custom ring jacket made, which honestly, I would wear everywhere.



Close up of tie

Tie Close Up

Another really fun part of this rock and roll styled shoot is just how many people were involved! So many vendors came together to make the day really gorgeous! It was fun for me because I got to work closely with Balloon Pop Studios to make a super cool, super glam balloon and flower arch. We also partnered up with a rental company for that awesome sign.

Rock and Roll Styled Shoot Arc


And last but not least, the food! The food for this day was killer. You can see the cake in the picture above, a beautiful gold and black number. But we also brought in a mobile bar cart, which created stunning custom cocktails for the day!

Mobile Bar

Mobile Bar


Close up of Cake


Vendor List

Huge, huge thank you to all the vendors that came together to make this awesome rock and roll styled shoot happen! Check them out for your day.

Photographer: @storihphotog

Balloons: @balloonpopstudio

Planners: @abridesbestmate

Florist: @paintedprimrose

Planner: @abridesbestmate

HMU: @kimjbeauty

Mobile Bar: @mountainsipsmobile

Venue: @bonnieblueseventvenue

Custom Jacket: @brianneleigh_jackets

Rentals: @allwellrentsdenver

Models: @elise_and_carmen

Stationary: @chirpsandcricket

Cake: @thelittle.peach

Neon Sign: @lightinganddesignbyscott


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