May 20, 2021

Heather and Max- Real Winter Wedding Highlight

Heather and Max were seriously the sweetest couple ever. COVID really put a damper on all their plans, and they were forced to reschedule more than once. Then, at the very worst possible time, they were told they could no longer use their venue! They were forced to pivot one more time. Heather and Max ended up booking an AirBnB way up in the mountains to host their small, intimate wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous, and this couple has such a special place in my heart. In the end, the two of them ended up looking seriously stunning, and the gorgeous few inches of new snow really set an amazing scene for the two of them.

Heather and Max

Heather and Max

Stunning Couple!

For her bouquet, Heather chose a very moody, beautiful winter theme. We incorporated winter greens, deep flowers and lots of texture.

Bridal Bouquet

Heather’s Bridal Bouquet

Of course, we didn’t want to forget the groom! We accented his gorgeous suit with a classic, white bloom. White always pops against a dark color, and the flower pulled the winter theme in very nicely.


Max’s Boutonniere

However, this couple’s wedding really shone in the installations they chose. Since they were having a smaller wedding, they truly wanted to go all out with their decor. Including lush rugs, stunning greenery and cozy touches gave them the exact personality they were looking for. Additionally, the arch they chose was to die for. The round arch covered in greenery looked stunning against the snow. Later, when they moved inside, Heather and Max decked out the interior with greenery, vines and some serious cozy vibes.

Heather and Max Arch

Snowy Circular Arch

Heather and Max Arch

Cozy Interior

COVID damped a lot of things in 2020. Weddings included. But, in an effort to maintain a positive attitude, I try to look on the bright side. Heather and Max did too. One “good thing” that came from COVID is a focus on smaller, more intimate weddings. Gathering with family, close friends and your nearest and dearest makes for a really special day. At Painted Primrose, we value intimacy and beauty and do our best to make your dreams happen. If you are looking for a beautiful, intimate day reach out! We’d love to help. Or, if you are looking for more inspiration, check out our Pinterest.

And finally, as always, we want to wish our beautiful couple a lifetime of happiness and peace.

Heather and Max

The happy couple

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