December 23, 2020

Tropical Wedding Theme

Last week I talked about choosing a wedding theme or mood for your big day. If you’d like to read that post check it out here! You can also read all my other blog posts here. Today, I wanted to highlight a wedding theme that I love, and that I think is going to be really popular in 2021: tropical. 

Choosing a wedding theme is so important because it will provide a sense of cohesion and beauty to your day, no matter what you choose! A theme is also important to your vendors, to give them a sense of what you are looking for in your day. 

Tropical Wedding Theme

Tropical Theme Bridal Bouquet

Tropical Theme Bridal Bouquet

One of my favorite styled shoots I’ve done was this big, vibrant, tropical themed one! I wanted to do a deep dive into how to use this theme in your day. Now that it is getting cold outside, you might be even be dreaming of tropical weather a little, so enjoy these pictures! This bridal bouquet features, big, lush tropical greenery mixed with classic roses, ranunculus and tropical flowers. The bridal bouquet is a great place to show off your theme because it is photographed so heavily, and the bride is usually the center of attention!

Tropical flowers are some of my favorites to work with, but they can be a bit tricky. Their colors are typically very vibrant, which isn’t for everyone. They are also sometimes hard to get here in Colorado, since we clearly don’t have tropical weather all the time. This means you will probably have to ship them in, which can get expensive. But if you must have them, their big, vibrant blooms and unreal greens make a beautiful statement. The close up of the arch below shows the impactful statement using tropical flowers makes. The usage of big, leafy greens, and big, bright flowers really makes you feel like you’re someplace warm! 

Floral Arch

Close Up of the Floral Arch

Carrying the Theme Through the Day

Florals aren’t the only part of your day that helps set the theme. Time of day, food, linens, and so many other things contribute to a cohesive theme. In this styled shoot, the addition of the neon sign in the decor really helped carry through the bright color scheme. For any real-life couple that might want to test this out, think about serving tropical blended drinks and fresh fish, and keeping things natural and bright. A tropical wedding theme doesn’t have to take place on the beach either! Pretty torches and a mountain backdrop makes any day special. Think about how great this theme would be in the winter too! Bringing the tropical outdoors in, using potted palms, lots of florals and warm lighting. 

Tropical theme head table

Head table featuring big arrangements and matching neon sign

For more theme inspiration, follow our Pinterest!

PS: here at Painted Primrose I believe every member of your wedding should be decked out in the best florals. Even the four-legged ones!

Tropical Theme Dog Collar

Good boy wearing a floral collar

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