December 30, 2020

2021 Trends

Now that 2020 is coming to an end, I can safely say- what the heck was that? It’s really been a crazy year; with so many canceled and changed plans. But, in honor of the coming new year, and the hopeful return of weddings, I wanted to focus on some 2021 trends. As weddings move more toward deliberate choices, focused, intentional color schemes are going to be super important. Color design is one of my favorite things about florals, and using a gorgeous color scheme is a wonderful place to heighten the look of your day. For micro-weddings, cohesion and intentionality is key. Looking at trending color schemes is also a great place to start if you are struggling with choosing a color scheme, because there tends to be lots of inspiration out there! 


Sage Green

Greens have been popular for a loooonnnnggg time now, and for good reason. The color makes a great statement, or works as an awesome neutral for more subdued palettes. In past years, deep emerald has been a mainstay in the industry, but I am excited for more sage greens in 2021. Mint green’s grown-up cousin, sage is great for crisp, classic and romantic outdoor weddings. Sage immediately invokes garden party vibes, and as many weddings are becoming garden parties, couples look to incorporate this color. As an unexpected neutral, sage serves as a backdrop and gives you greenery options outside of eucalyptus. 

Sage Themed Bridal Bouquet

Sage themed bridal bouquet

Sage 2021 Trend

Sage tie and boutonniere


One of my favorite 2021 trends going into the new year is PURPLE. Purple has always been kind of a background player when it comes to color trends, not in 2021 though! This year purple weddings are going to be making a big entrance! With so many shades of purple appearing naturally, from lilac to lavender, it’s no surprise purple is making a come back. As couples move more and more events outside, they are looking for colors they can find in nature. Plus, with so many varying shades, it is very easy to make a cohesive wedding theme using just purples. With deep purple linens ranging to light purple floral arrangements and magenta bridesmaids dresses, purple has something for everyone. 

2021 Trend Purple

Purple themed bridal bouquet


From pale to navy, blue is going to be everywhere in 2021 trends. Navy has always been a popular color on it’s own or paired with other dark colors, but in 2021 expect to see navy included in more unexpected ways. Paired with other blues navy makes for a cool, calming day. As a backdrop for brighter or lighter colors, especially coppers and corals going into 2021, navy makes a rich feeling.

Teal will also be another popular blue variant in 2021. Paired with papaya or coppery orange, teal makes a lush statement. As couples increasingly move more toward smaller weddings, luxury is the name of the game, with couples moving more toward metallics and jewel tones. 

Dusty blue started to become very popular in 2020, and this will only continue into the 2021 trends. Dusty blue is great for outdoor, vintage or cottage themed weddings that are very popular right now. As couples look for more colors found in nature, dusty blue is a great, subdued and simple route that still maintains a classic feeling. 

2021 Trend- Blue

Table accented with teal cups

Orange and Yellow

Bright colors are going to be all the rage in 2021. Orange and yellow are no exception. But don’t start thinking traffic-cone orange! Rather, couples will lean more towards mango or papaya oranges. This makes for a brighter, bolder color than coral, but still natural and beautiful. 

Yellow is great for couples who want to incorporate some color, but do not want to go all out. Soft and subtle, yellow can be used in small amounts for a subtle look, or in larger quantities for a more vibrant tone. Yellow and orange are both also great for using inexpensive, natural decor such as flowers and citrus fruit, as the colors are commonly found in nature. 

2021 yellow trend

Centerpiece featuring subtle yellow


Neutrals have always been a staple of the wedding industry. Black and white are the reigning champions of formal color scheme. Couples lean toward these colors when they want something formal, classic, elegant and simple. However, in 2020 we really saw couples push more toward modern all white. Dried and bleached flowers and greenery are used to create modern pure white arrangements. We see this used in everything from bouquets to large installations. This type of color scheme is really perfect for almost any couple. The boho couple might like large arrangements of dried pampas grass, where the more formal bride might choose to use entirely white garden roses. 

One of my favorite neutral trends is the focus on more earth tones. I have mentioned this several times throughout this blog, but earth tones are really the route for 2021. As more couples move their celebrations outside, they lean toward colors that look harmonious in nature, like sage green, dusty blue and terracotta browns and oranges. I love using brown in a color scheme, and many flowers come in gorgeous, neutral shades. These earthy color palettes also translate beautifully to dishes and other decor as natural wood and clay make perfect accents.

2021 trend neutral

Neutral bouquet using terra cotta and bleached accents


One of the largest takeaways from 2020 is that couples are bringing color back in a big way. As ceremonies become smaller and more intimate, couples are looking to make them more personal and memorable. This means big floral arrangements, bright suits and fun, happy stationary. In the midst of all the chaos, couples are also looking to focus on the happy moments, and what better way to do that than with a focus on bright, vibrant colors? For our 80’s and 90’s grown-up kids, these bright colors also bring a splash of nostalgia for the fashion and trends of those days. Neon signs, bright decor and maximalist trends are all great ways to incorporate color into your day.

Colorful Wedding Suite

Colorful wedding suite

2021 Bridal Bouquet

vibrant bridal bouquet


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