January 27, 2021

Color Meaning

Colors hold a lot of meaning, and this can be especially important to consider when wedding planning! For awhile now I have been talking about choosing a color scheme for your wedding, you can check those posts out here. There are, as always, many things to think about when thinking about choosing a color scheme for your wedding florals. Considering color meaning can influence the entire mood and vibe of your day!

Color Meaning

As I said, color holds a lot of meaning! Anything from patriotism (red, white and blue) to holidays (think- red and green at Christmas). These sorts of color schemes are great because the meaning they invoke is generally pretty clear. It’s why, around now (Valentine’s Day!) all the stores turn pink, white and red because those colors have clear, well-known, romantic feelings associated with them.

Color Meaning

Valentine’s Pink Bouquet

Wedding Colors

Of course, most people don’t plan their weddings to be Christmas or USA themed! Weddings generally have more personalized and distinct colors schemes. This is great for creating a mood and sending a message with your wedding! I believe mood is one of the most important parts of wedding planning, because having a clear mood will really standout to both you and guests. Having a clear mood can invoke memories and associations around your day.

Often, when people are thinking about color meanings they start thinking directly about the mood certain colors invoke. The best examples of this are the differences between warm and cool colors. Warm colors generally invoke passion, fun and energy. On the other hand, cool colors are generally looked at as more subdued, serious and formal. You can read more about warm and cool colors here.

Warm Bouquet

Warm Colored Bouquet

Color Meanings

Cool toned boutonniere

However, one of my favorite things to think about is the more “traditional” color meanings. Think red for romance! Yellow is often considered a color of friendship, green of luck and pink of romance! Thinking of these kind of color associations can be good for a wedding, as it can help translate meaning to your day!

Color Meaning

Romantic pink bouquet

The tricky part about focusing on color meanings is that color meanings are often directly tied to culture. Colors may be associated with different things and situation in different cultures. For example, in western culture we think of white as a traditional wedding color. In other cultures, often gold or red are valued in weddings for the luck and wealth they symbolize.

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