January 20, 2021

Using Neutrals in your Wedding

I’ve been focusing on color scheme a lot for the last few weeks. This week I wanted to highlight one of my favorite trends for 2021: using neutrals in your wedding. If you missed any of our other blogs check them out here!

Using Neutrals

As weddings move more toward smaller, more intimate affairs how couple’s look at color is shifting. For micro-weddings, cohesion and intentionality is so important. Couples are making more deliberate choices and using more focused and intentional color schemes.   When you are having such an intimate day, it’s important that nothing feels too small or underdone. Using a gorgeous color scheme is a wonderful place to heighten the look of your day. Colors can set the mood and tone of your day, and no matter how many people you invite, mood is almost always one of the things people remember.

Brown & Earth Tones

In 2021, a lot of couples will be having outdoor weddings as social distancing and safety remain a priority. Because of this, couples are really embracing earth tones. I’ve mentioned this quite a few times in the last few weeks of this blog series, but it’s because earth tones really IT for 2021! Couples are embracing move colors that look harmonious in nature, like sage green, dusty blue and terracotta browns and oranges. I love using brown in a color scheme, and many flowers come in gorgeous, neutral shades. These earthy color palettes also translate beautifully to dishes and other decor as natural wood and clay make perfect accents.

Using Neutrals

Brown, rust and terra cotta bouquet

Black & White

Neutrals have always been a staple of the wedding industry. Black and white are the reigning champions of formal color scheme. Couples lean toward these colors when they want something formal, classic, elegant and simple. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about using an achromatic color scheme, meaning “no color.” Typically we see this with black and white, and often couples lean toward black and white as a base for a pop of color. Red, gold, or even tan or green look stunning when paired with black and white. All white is really classic and can lend a really formal tone to your day. Luxurious bouquets of white garden roses make for a beautiful (and fragrant!) statement. However, in 2021 we are seeing a slight shift away from black and  white.

All white

All white bouquet with lush greenery

Using Neutrals White

All white accented with blush bridesmaids


Instead of using the more traditional black and white with roses couples are moving toward super luxe and modern all white bouquets. Often, dried and bleached flowers and greenery are used to create modern pure white arrangements. We see this used in everything from bouquets to large installations. This type of color scheme is really perfect for almost any couple. The boho couple might like large arrangements of dried pampas grass, the super modern couple might want to incorporate bleached bunny tails or luxe feathers.


Brown, cream and bleached combined into a bouquet

Using Neutrals

Neutrals and bleached used in an aisle arrangement

As always, though, color scheme is entirely up to you and what YOU want for your day! If you are all about color, feel free to embrace that! If you prefer a more traditional vibe, that’s cool too. You and your florist can make something beautiful no matter what. For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest!


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