January 16, 2021

Shop Update & Introduction: Four Years

Today I wanted to take a quick break from talking all about flowers all the time to formally introduce myself and celebrate a big milestone for the shop! As well as talk a little about our shop update!


About Me: 

Hello everyone! My name is Sabia. I am the lead designer and owner behind the Painted Primrose! After getting my degree in fine art, I spent time designing logos and brand collateral, designing and developing websites, and screen printing on the side in my studio (or my garage, it’s almost the same thing). Throughout my life as a creative, I have always sketched, painted, or printed flowers of all kinds. Looking back on my journey and realizing where I am now – an owner of a floral studio – my creative wandering feels full circle. I am so honored to share with you my love of exquisite flowers and well executed design. 

Shop Update

So happy to meet you!

When I’m not dreaming up beautiful designs for my amazing couples, you can find me at an art museum, speed reading my way through a book, hiking or at the dog park with my incredibly spoiled but still ridiculously cute dogs. 

Sabia and dog

Here’s me and one of my dogs!


Four Year Anniversary & Shop Update: 

Painted Primrose celebrated a big milestone in December: four years under my ownership! I’ve had such an incredible journey growing the brand and making so many beautiful dreams come true. I wanted to take this opportunity to look back on where the shop was and how far we’ve come since then. 

In 2016, my husband and I were starting the move to Colorado. We’d come down to look around and do some planning for our move. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of Colorado. Back then I was a Montana girl through and through. But, then we drove past the cutest little town called Niwot, and I was hooked! A few days later my mom sent me a little flower shop that was for sale– in Niwot. Fate, destiny or maybe luck certainly lined up for me that day!

previous consultation area

Previous consultation area

Shop before update

Interior of previous location

previous shop exterior

Previous shop exterior

2016 Shop Update

In December 2016, the shop was officially mine! For the first 6 months it was just me, running the place by myself. There were a lot of long nights, and maybe more than a few tears…  When I bought the business, it was a retail shop selling bath bombs, candles, soaps and of course, flowers. Within the first year, I decided to transition the shop in a different direction. The previous owner was already doing weddings at the time. She even had a contract with Wedgewood Boulder Creek, which transferred to me when I bought it. I decided to transition to only doing weddings, and I never looked back! Weddings are where my passion lies. I absolutely love making genuine connections and friendships with my couples and helping them create the wedding of their dreams. 

Two years after taking ownership, we’d outgrown the space in Niwot! I’d taken on another Wedgewood contract (Brittany Hill) and had started really ramping up the number of weddings I was taking on a year. In December of 2018 we moved the shop to our current, bigger warehouse space in Longmont. I love having all the extra space to better serve our couples! Additionally, by the end of that year I’d taken on TWO more Wedgewood contracts. 

Shop Update

New consultation area

Shop interior

Current shop interior and workspace

Updated Shop

Front desk, featuring two lovely employees

2021 and Beyond

Now, after making it through 2020, I’m proud to share that in 2021 I have opened a sister company in Wheat Ridge to better serve my Wedgewood brides, and my shop in Longmont services private weddings. I have loved the opportunity to grow the business from what it was to the brand it is today. I’ve grown in many ways, personally and professionally, and this will always be a defining time in my life. I am grateful and humbled by the wonderful clients I’ve had! I also cherish the loving and supportive wedding industry network I am a part of. 

When it was just me – answering every email, every phone call, doing every appointment, every floral design, every wedding delivery – there were definitely countless long nights working hard and getting stuff done. Today, I’ve grown beyond a one woman show – I have an extremely talented and kind team of women working for the Painted Primrose that move heaven and earth every day to make wedding dreams come true. I have over 1,200 weddings and events under my belt already, and I look forward to the 2021 season and beyond! Cheers to four years, and many more!

Beautiful Ladies

The beautiful team of ladies that keeps this place running!

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