December 8, 2020

Seasonal Colors

For the last couple of weeks I have been focusing on tips for planning your color scheme. If you missed those posts, you can check out last week’s here. In the studio for the past couple of weeks we have been hard at work spreading Christmas cheer through handmade wreaths. All those wreaths have really gotten me in the seasonal spirit, so I wanted to take today to talk about incorporating seasonal colors into your wedding!

Seasonal colors are exactly what they sound like! Colors that are in-season, or that are associated with a season. Typically, people’s minds jump right to red and green for Christmas when they think of seasonal colors. However, there are so many different options! Seasonal colors could be white in winter, orange, red and yellow in the fall or pastels in the spring. 


Using Seasonal Colors in your Wedding

Using seasonal colors in your wedding can take so many different forms. As I mentioned above, a lot of our winter couples really gravitate toward deep reds and greens, or our fall couples really love those orange hues! When thinking about seasonal colors I usually advise couples to think about what colors can be found in nature when they are getting married? In the winter this will be the red of winter berries and evergreen. In the fall (especially here in Colorado!) you can find bright yellows and oranges naturally occurring. New flowers bloom in the spring bringing blush, lilac and buttercup to the landscape. These are all great things to think about when including colors! 

Seasonal boutonierre

Fall toned seasonal boutonniere

Traditional spring seasonal colors

Traditional, pastel spring bouquet


You can also apply these to other aspects of your wedding too! Maybe you do all white flowers, but deep red table cloths at Christmas, or maybe you keep the flowers bright but do pastel dresses for your bridesmaids. Like everything when it comes to your wedding, using (or not) seasonal colors is an entirely personal decision, but you can always ask your florist if there are any colors they particularly like for whatever season you’re getting married in!


Can I only use in-season colors?

Don’t worry! You are not confined to only using colors people associate with a season. In fact, I think it can be really cool when couples use more unexpected colors. I am always a fan of jewel tones, no matter the season! In the winter, jewel tones can look really cozy and warm. In the summer, jewel tones can really call to mind those deep summer sunsets! Really, colors are always up to you, but if you’re stuck, thinking about incorporating seasonal colors can be a good place to start. 

Alternative Seasonal Bouquet

Fall toned bouquet featuring dark pinks and oranges used in summer


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