March 22, 2020

Advice From a Denver Wedding Florist—Why You Should Consider a Floral Arch

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At Painted Primrose, we love creating floral arches. We love the challenge, the creativity, and the results. But why should you consider an arch for your wedding? And what are the options when it comes to arches? As a Denver wedding florist, we’ve created hundreds of arches, so we’d love to share our thoughts with you.

Think of the Photographs!

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Many of our clients come into their initial consultation with a budget in mind. Even with a large budget for flowers, you still have to choose your top priorities. Sometimes, people come in thinking arches have to be extravagant and expensive. Well, here is one piece of advice we share with our couples debating whether or not to get an arch—think of the photographs.

You can spend thousands of dollars on elaborate centerpieces and they will be gorgeous. BUT, you probably aren’t going to print a picture of your centerpieces to hang on the wall of your house. You are probably going to print pictures of you at the altar, perhaps kissing, perhaps exchanging vows, perhaps in that triumphal hands-raised-towards-the-crowd as the officiant announces, “And now I introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. Smith!” And in any of those pictures, your arch is going to be in the background. For that reason, we think prioritizing an arch is essential. Aside from the bridal bouquet, we think it’s the second most important floral item.

Floral Arch Ideas from a Denver Wedding Florist

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From styled shoots to luxury weddings, we’ve had the privilege of creating some incredible arches. And there are lots of ways to go about it. Often, venues will already have some kind of arch or arbor we can cover with the flowers of your choosing. Or, if you have something unique in mind you can always rent an arch. Wallflower Rental & Décor is a company we’ve collaborated with that has many unique arches to match the aesthetic of any wedding. And, of, course, along the Front Range, there are many other places you can rent from.

Some couples don’t even have a physical arch, but rather some floral arrangements that go at the altar. They still make it into the photos, and they still add visual interest during your ceremony and in the prints you hang on your wall.

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When it comes to the design of the flowers, many people like to go with an asymmetrical look. Although, you can never go wrong with symmetrical floral design for an arch either. Really, we just love making arches. So if you’re a Boulder or Front Range couple looking at having an arch made for your wedding, please contact Painted Primrose! We’d love to dream up something special with you.

Boulder wedding florist

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