July 27, 2020

Longmont Wedding Florist Advice—Consider Photo Style When Choosing Flowers

Longmont wedding florals

Of course, couples love wedding florals for the day of the wedding itself. But as a Longmont wedding florist, we also always encourage people to think of the pictures! We actually have a whole blog post about this topic. We discuss how to prioritize where to spend money on flowers, based on the pictures you want to hang up in your home (think pictures at the altar, not necessarily pictures of your centerpieces).

Which Photography Style Are You Drawn To?

But another factor when it comes to wedding photography and wedding florals many people don’t think about is how the style of photo editing truly affects how the flowers look in the photos. Think about it—some people love a dark and moody photo style, others like true to life colors. Some photographers edit their photos with bright and saturated colors. And others lean more towards light and airy. So, you can imagine how these different edits really make flowers look different. 

Longmont wedding florist

For the casual photographer, think of when you post a photo on Instagram or edit a photo on your iPhone. You choose from a variety of filters and each one makes the image look slightly different. Well, the same is true of wedding photography and wedding florals. Two of the same image with a different filter (editing style or preset) will look different.

Or said a different way, two photographers could take pictures of the same wedding, and the flowers would look different when comparing photos from each of the photographers. Take a look at these two photos with a very similar color palette. In the first image, the jewel tones are really enhanced by the photography style. Of course, these flowers are brilliantly colored in real life, but the photo editing style makes them even more so. And in the second image, with the couple in front of the arch, the brightness in the flowers is a lot more muted.

Chat With Your Longmont Wedding Florist

So if you’re planning a 2020 or 2021 wedding, photography style is something to consider. Talk with your wedding florist and ask which flowers go with the color palette you desire and how your photographer’s style might mesh with it.


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