March 22, 2020

Floral Accessories in Boulder are Hot Right Now!


floral accessories Boulder

Wearable florals have long been a thing. But until recently, perhaps they were considered a little more on the bohemian side. But in 2020, floral accessories in Boulder and beyond are all the rage. Detailed floral accessories are a fun way to add more color and personality to your wedding. And maybe the most fun news is, they aren’t just for brides! We’re making all sorts of floral accessories for more and more weddings. So here are some of our ideas and offerings.

The Options for Floral Accessories are Endless

floral accessories in Boulder

We’ve always done floral hairpieces. But now, the floral accessories are branching out to necklaces, earrings, bow ties, veils, crowns, combs, and pocket squares. In most cases, they’re built on a base of some kind, like plain gold earrings or bracelets. Since these pieces often involve buying jewelry, we’re seeing more couples use floral accessories as their maid of honor gift and bridesmaids gifts.

earrings made of flowers

Perfect for LGBTQ Weddings

wearable floral accessories

Another way we are seeing more people take advantage of floral accessories is at LGBTQ weddings. Detailed floral accessories make everyone feel special, whether it’s a pocket square, a comb, or a hairpiece. We’ve come up with lots of special designs for all kinds of weddings—from more formal to non-traditional.

Let’s Chat!

If you want to brainstorm how we can incorporate floral accessories in your wedding, let us know! We’d love to share ideas with you and come up with some designs that will be just right for you and your soon-to-be spouse!

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