December 7, 2019

The Best Flowers for a Winter Wedding

best flowers for a winter wedding

Planning a winter wedding? We love winter weddings! There’s always the chance for snow (especially for our Colorado readers). And brides during a winter wedding have the opportunity to wear different styles of dresses and accessories—think a classic muff or luxurious shawl! And of course, the thing we love the most about winter weddings at Painted Primrose are the seasonal flowers. People ask us all the time what the best flowers for a winter wedding are, so we wanted to create a blog post to answer this popular query.

Seasonal Blooms are Key

We’re going to fill you in on some of our favorite in-season flowers for a winter wedding. But first, we want to clear one thing up! Some people get the impression when choosing in-season flowers, they’re somehow going to be cutting their flower budget in half. This just isn’t the case. What it does mean is, you won’t have to pay crazy fees to have your favorite flowers shipped from overseas. There will be a greater variety of in-season flowers available, and the quality will be better.

Also, when considering the ecological and economic benefits, it’s always great to support local businesses when you can. Most people in the industry consider local flowers to be ones you can get within a three to four-hour drive. Local and seasonal flowers have a much smaller global footprint than flowers that come with a ton of labor costs, transportation emissions, and so on.

The types of flowers we can get locally grown here at Painted Primrose varys. Most local flower farmers do grow seasonal flowers. But, larger growers with more extensive operations have greenhouses and can grow certain flowers year-round. So you can have seasonal flowers that are not locally grown (and are coming in from other parts of the country or world, like peonies). And we have local flowers that are not seasonal! For example, we get Arrowhead Dahlias from a dahlia farm in Brighton. They’re able to supply dahlias year-round to much of the country, but they are local to us!

Having said all of that, here are some of the best flowers for winter weddings!

The Winter Beauties


best flowers for a winter wedding

The bouquet features anemones, the red flowers with the black centers.

These sweet flowers might remind you of a daisy, and many brides choose them in a winter bouquet because white is a prevalent color for these flowers (although you can get them in many other colors). They tend to have a dark black center, which makes for eye-popping contrast.


Amaryllis are a popular and beautiful flower for winter wedding arrangements because of their often red and white colors. Some people even refer to the white variety, in particular, as silver bells due to their bell-like shape.

Start of Bethlehem

winter wedding flowers

These Star of Bethlehem flowers are a lovely addition to this boutonnière.

Well, of course, the name “Star of Bethlehem” couldn’t be any more Christmas-y, but we love them in winter wedding bouquets or accents for their small size, white color, and simple but bunched arrangement.


Hellebores are stunning flowers that come in a variety of colors. Although again, many of the popular colors for winter weddings range from white to an intense burgundy. They make a lovely addition to a winter bouquet.


We think ranunculus are an ideal flower for fall and winter weddings.

Ranunculus are a cool-season flower, making them an ideal, in-season flower for a winter wedding. More like a rose, ranunculus petals spiral in towards the center, and there are many of them. Also, the plants themselves create many blooms, another reason why they are an economical winter flower.


best flowers for a winter wedding

We love the amaranthus in this bouquet (you can see some of our other favorite winter flowers too!)

Amaranthus are wonderful because of their drooping, interesting shape. They offer variety to any winter wedding bouquet and easily fit in with a deeper color scheme for a winter wedding.

Brunia Berries

You can see lots of our favorite winter flowers in these lovely bouquets.

Brunia berries are a silverish, white, or grey color and add a lovely bit of interest to a winter bouquet. We adore them in winter florals because they are so festive and also out of the ordinary.


These sweet, tiny flowers grow many to a stalk and make an excellent addition to any winter wedding. The common colors will most definitely fit into classic winter wedding color schemes. And they’ll add some get detail among bigger blooms like ranunculus or amaryllis.

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