December 21, 2019

Boulder Florist Events — December Wreath Class

Look at all of the beautiful, unique creations we came up with!

Our Boulder florist events haven’t been very frequent, but our December wreath workshop was such a success, we promise to be hosting more soon! At Painted Primrose, we spend the majority of our time creating wedding florals. But for the holidays, we wanted to take some time to invite people into our studio for a fun workshop. The spots filled up quickly and we had a great crew of women come to make their own unique creations.

Wreath Workshop Success

We knew we didn’t want to have all of our guests just crank out the same wreaths. We wanted to give them a chance to get their creative juices flowing. So we provided a baseline of supplies, gave some instruction, and let people play.


Boulder florist events

Guests chose between two styles of wreath bases—a more traditional grapevine style and a metal hoop. You never know what’s going to be the favorite, but our crew really went about half and half.

Then we offered a variety of greenery to choose from and various festive additions. Our guests added pinecones, dried orange slices, berries, and flowers. The combinations of materials people came up with were wonderful. Why go buy a wreath from the store, when you can make one that’s unique with your own touch of creativity to it? Aside from wreath-making, we also provided some light snacks too, and a great time was had by all!

The Next Boulder Florist Events

If you didn’t make it to our December wreath workshop, don’t worry! Make sure to follow our Instagram or Facebook account to hear about our next events and we will look forward to seeing you then!

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