August 29, 2019

Front Range Wedding Florist Shares Advice on How to Budget for Flowers

Front Range wedding florist

As your premier Front Range wedding florist, we often get questions about how much money to budget for wedding florals. It’s hard to have the proper expectations when it comes to wedding flowers unless you’ve done some research. Brides see stunning pictures on Pinterest, or perhaps think of what they saw at a friend’s wedding. But when it’s time to sit down for a consultation, the cost of flowers can be a bit surprising. So here are two things we recommend every newly engaged couple do before they sit down for a floral consultation.

Front Range wedding florist

Do Your Research Before the Consultation

Now, we are certainly not saying you need to become an expert on flowers before you have a consultation. What you do need to do is look around at some reputable websites. See what kinds of floral arrangements you want (bouquets, entry pieces, arbors, etc.) and how much these items cost. We even have a handy budget calculator that helps you decide what you would like and the approximate total for those things. The Knot also has a great article on how to budget for wedding flowers that is worth a read.

Discuss How Important Florals are for Your Big Day

Everyone has different priorities when planning a wedding. For some couples, the highest priority is serving an elaborate meal. For others, it’s a particular venue. Still others place a high value on wedding photography and videography. Each couple has to decide where wedding florals fall in their priorities.

Some of our couples want the most eye-catching florals possible and many décor pieces. Other clients prefer to keep it more simple and stick to bouquets and boutonnieres. Our offerings run the gamut of what’s possible in the world of wedding florals. But you need to have an idea of what you want to spend before you meet for a consultation so that you have realistic expectations.

Why Prioritize Flowers?

Of course, as a Front Range wedding florist, we think there are many reasons to prioritize wedding florals highly. Many of our clients are thankful they invested in wedding florals for these reasons.

  • Your wedding day is one of the most important and celebrated days in your life. If there were ever a reason to invest in flowers, it’s for your wedding!
  • Smells create an association and trigger memories. So for years to come, when you smell flowers that were present at your wedding, you’ll remember that wonderful day. You can even plant flowers that were present in your bouquet in your garden to commemorate your wedding day.
  • You can honor family members and loved ones by including specific blooms to remember them. Flowers are a great way to incorporate passed loved ones into your wedding day.
  • Most of our clients spend a good portion of their budget on wedding photography. Your flowers are present in many of your wedding photos, so having high-quality flowers only enhances the images you will print, hang, and share.

If you do your research and decide how you want to prioritize flowers before you meet with a florist, the meeting is bound to be a success! Always feel free to contact us with any questions. We’d love to meet to talk about your big day!

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