August 20, 2019

Our Colorado Wedding Florist Gets a Shoutout on VoyageDenver

Colorado wedding florist

What an honored to have VoyageDenver recently interview Painted Primrose owner, Sabia Magurn! This online magazine puts out articles highlighting local talent and gives you the down and dirty on local hotspots. Their mission is to “find the amazing” in each community where they exist. So when they reached out and asked to interview us, we jumped at the opportunity. As a Colorado wedding florist, we know they have many professionals they could choose to interview. So it meant the world that they wanted to hear from us. You can catch the full article here. But we will hit you with some of the highlights from the story too!

Our Origin Story

One of the first things VoyageDenver wanted to know was about how Sabia got her start at Painted Primrose. Believe it or not, this lady boss bought Painted Primrose when she was just 22 and fresh out of college. Not only that, but she had just moved to Colorado with her brand-new husband!

Sabia gives some incredibly insightful advice to other young women who may find themselves in a similar position in the article. She said,

“My advice to young women, in particular, is that sometimes being young and female in business can be hard. People think you’re too young and too female to know what you’re doing! Put in the work, form solid business relationships with people who believe in you, and you will soar beyond your wildest dreams. Starting young means you are going to be so much further down the road than if you start once someone else decides you’re ready.”

A Natural Transformation

The already thriving Painted Primrose had a storefront in Niwot, Colorado. They also had a contract with a local venue to provide wedding florals. As Sabia took over the business, she found she had a love and a talent for the wedding design part of the company. She did not have the same passion for the retail shop. So she transformed the business into a wedding floral studio and continued to build her team.

Sabia’s background in design, and a lifetime love of all things artsy, propelled her forward. With over 500 weddings under her belt creating captivating floral arches and stunning bridal bouquets is all in a day’s work. But Sabia still feels the most successful when a bride tears up over how much she loves the flowers.

From this Colorado Wedding Florist to Other Entrepreneurs and Creatives

VoyageDenver wanted to know what keeps Sabia inspired. She shared she is a big fan of the podcast “Business Unusual” by Barbara Corcoran. And Sabia makes sure to stay up to date in her field by frequently taking online classes. Plus, Sabia explained that she has come to really value the relationships she’s made with other people in the wedding industry. Make sure you check out the full VoyageDenver article to read all Sabia had to say about Painted Primrose. And take some time to peruse some of their other great stories as well!

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