March 18, 2021

Favorite Colorado City Wedding Venues

I wanted to continue talking about wedding venues today, by focusing on some Colorado city wedding venues. Last week I made a post talking about some of my favorite Colorado mountain wedding venues. And these “city” venues were supposed to be included, but the post got very long! So, I decided to split them into two posts. Today I will be focusing on venues that are more urban, but still have that Colorado flare!

Colorado City Wedding Venues: Denver


Skylight in Denver is truly a blank canvas. With clean white walls, and a stunning skylight (true to it’s namesake!) it is contemporary, clean and beautiful. The neutral space is perfect to customizing to your hearts desire. Dreaming of something simple? No problem. Dreaming of wall to wall florals? No problem! SKYLIGHT can do it all. And located right in Denver, it has all the conveniences of a city.

Colorado City Wedding Venue

Floral Arch With White Wall

City Venue

Indoor Reception Space

The Maven

Located super centrally in Denver, The Maven hotel is a modern, urbane and trendy wedding locale! With a large event space and a central location you can have your traditional city wedding all in one! The Maven also has a private alley, perfect for taking those ultra luxe, ultra modern wedding photos! The space is also very clean, classic and modern. So, it’s super customizable.

Colorado City Wedding Venue The Maven

The Maven Wall and Arch

Colorado City Wedding Venues: Boulder

Since we are located in Longmont, Boulder is one of our favorite cities for weddings. Close, convenient but with more of a small town feeling than Denver.

The Greenbriar

The Greenbriar Inn, located just outside of Boulder combines the best of all Colorado has to offer! Super close to the city makes it convenient. And, the mountain views make it stand out! Picturesque mountain ranges and foothills and a recently renovated space creates a romantic country inn feel. Plus, the Greenbriar is committed to quality, and they grow all their own natural herbs and produce from three gardens. The Greenbriar can be customized to suit almost any wedding.

Colorado City Wedding Venues Boulder

Greenbriar Outdoor Portrait

Reception Space

Romantic Reception Space

The St. Julien

Hotels are always an amazing place to host a wedding. They are usually so classy, so central and so luxe! The St. Julien is no exception. Located right in downtown Boulder, this hotel has it all. With several different ceremony locations offering stunning vistas and lodging right on site, there’s almost no reason to leave!  Convenience and beauty all at once. Sadly, I can’t find any pictures from weddings I have done there, so if you want yours featured here: reach out!


The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art is a super unique wedding venue. Facing the beautiful Central Park and just three blocks from Pearl Street Mall, BMoCA is centrally located for your event. And, each season BMoCA’s galleries are transformed by a new group of world-renowned artists. The artwork presents a unique backdrop for your event and an opportunity for all guests to experience the vision of contemporary artists. In addition to the galleries, there is a dedicated modern event space on the second level that can be tailored to suit your vision. BMoCA also has a dedicated on-site caterer, giving you one less thing to worry about! And, the clean white walls make a beautiful wedding backdrop.

BMoCA wedding


Colorado City Wedding Venues: Other

The St. Vrain

Located right in Longmont, we love the St. Vrain! A super modern, industrial wedding venue the St. Vrain is super unique! The brick walls, high ceilings and well appointed suites make getting ready, first look, ceremony and reception all possible in one space. You can do it all here! The industrial feel is also so modern, trendy and easy to customize, which we love here!

Monet inspired floral wall

Industrial Custom

The Stanley Hotel

Alright, I know this one is kind of a mountain venue, but the hotel, located right in Estes Park is the perfect mix! Plus, the venue is so historical, how can you not love it’s mountain charm?? The Stanley Hotel also maintains several different locations for weddings. The wedding below took place in the Pavilion, a beautiful covered wedding location with an outdoor feel.

Colorado City Wedding Venue

The Pavilion Ceremony

The Stanley Pavilion

The Pavilion Reception



There are so many places in Colorado to get married that it’s almost impossible to choose just a few to feature! Many of the other hotels in Denver, Boulder, Longmont or Estes Park would be gorgeous places to host a wedding. Smaller event centers, AirBnBs and even private properties make amazing wedding venues. With just a little digging you can find the perfect Colorado wedding venue for any wedding. If you are looking for some more suggestions, you can check out our blog or our Pinterest. Or, if you’re ready to chat florals, feel free to reach out! We love meeting new people and exploring new venues!

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